“We love pubs and it has always been our passion to create a great pub for other pub lovers to love!

Having always lived around Henley, we know the area well, so when the opportunity to take The Maltsters Arms came up, it was almost too good to be true! A beautiful building full of character in a gorgeous part of the countryside: all the makings of a quality pub.

To us, a great pub screams out for muddy boots, roaring fires, hot pies, real ale, local game, beer gardens, board games and chatty staff – somewhere that everyone can come and enjoy a delicious pint, in a buzzing atmosphere, surrounded by friends and family, laugh aloud, eat great food and be happy.

We always want to build and adapt our ideas according to the seasons, tastes and demands. We use as many local suppliers and produce as possible and we are always keen to make a trade. Come the springtime, we are looking to start growing our own fruit and veg in the back garden, so come and take a look!

We work closely with our team of chefs to put together great classic dishes and inspirational ideas, never forgetting that we are of course, a country pub. We aim to provide good honest British food cooked and served by people who love what they do.

But what does a country pub need most of all? Good beer! Something we take great care looking after to ensure that every pint poured is top notch!

Here at The Maltsters Arms we look forward to meeting you very soon. Please pop in so we can share our pub with you and show you in person what we’re all about.”